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Day 5 Evidence is everywhere! I talked to the lady from the church (the one I cried when she gave me the check) her husband has experience organizing 5k’s. She was so upbeat and positive! I have people willing to help. Also my Oils class is gaining interest more people rsvp’d! My couch to 5k program is filling up with 25 people in just a few days. It’s not for money just to inspire others. It’s fuel for my engine. These are people that are expressing an interest in being healthy! These are the people I want to be in touch with to introduce oils! In the end I am hoping my scholarship 5k will be run by many of them. The picture is so big and beautiful I can hardly stand it!! It’s a big beautiful web that will be a benefit to so many!
To complete my 30 days I want to thank Tasha and Diane for most of all helping me to locate the money sitting out in the universe that belonged to me and my family. This month I requested and received my commission check for my commissions sitting in my MLM corporate account. I’m also expecting a car bonus check that I never cashed when I received it years ago and the cash on an outstanding law suit that closed 2 1/2 years ago and we weren’t pressing to receive the money. I’m also out in the community sharing my vision and I’ve secured two speaking engagements. One this month and another in April. Our Foundation also has the opportunity to work with a theater arts program and another opportunity to work with a STEM program. Put together we are putting together an awesome STEAM program geared primarily to high risk children. Bottom line, I’m in action and it feels great.
Day 22 So, some great evidence yesterday. Prior to going to a professional meeting I said, “Today two people are going to want to interview me for their shows and I will have one person ask to mentor me.” So, at this meeting, TWO people came up to me, when they found out what I do, they said, I want you on my show! THEN…at the very end of the day, I’m walking out to my car when this woman stops me, asks me what I’m pursuing, and then gives me her name and number and tells me to call her for advice. WOW! And I almost didn’t go to this meeting. I heard someone say once, “98% of success is just showing up.” What a great day. Charlene
I am a long time student of personal development and positive thinking, however this program helped me really focus on a specific outcome which I manifested within the 30 days. I closed a $4,000,000.00 commodities trade deal. I also really appreciated the opportunity to participate and share for 30 days with like-minded people, and to offer words of support and encouragement to others in the group.
Day 29 Evidence I received 10x the amount of money that I had placed my intention on receiving in 30 days. Thank you Tasha and Diane for introducing me to the SOGR. What a powerful way of living!
DAY 14 My income increased 2000% in the first two months of October versus the ENTIRE month last year. This is my slow time in my business, but I am making MONEY!”
DAY 2 I wrote my Intentions to create $30,000 this month and then within a few hours I received a call from the CEO of my company GIVING me a strong team member, and by DAY 2 I had $9000.00
Day 30 Ended my 30-day program with a bang!!!!! $11,000 year end bonus!!!!!! Living the Certain Way works every time!! Plus I got Company Profit Sharing that will be calculated in January and deposited into my 401K by June!!!!
Part of my 30 day intention was to be a speaker. As a consultant, I’ve had years of facilitation and workshops and programs and out of that came a number of speaking engagements which I loved. Never could figure out how you break into that market so it was part of the intention, but without any inspired action. So I’m still processing what happened today. I opened my email and I see an email from a Dr. I assume it’s SPAM, but I open it. It’s from a doctor at the Cleveland Clinic in Westin. They are doing a big conference for women physicians in September. She told me that one of her patients had given her my book a number of years ago and she loves it and then she asks if I would consider being their keynote speaker. It I would consider it! Well, yes, I think I would. Tasha Powell Chen, easy and effortless. I guess it really is possible I’m in shock, I am joyful, I am soaring, I am a little bit in disbelief. I had to be very careful how I responded so I didn’t gush all over her. I want them to pay me so gushing not the best strategy. And most of all, how wonderful to have a place to share this and be as gushy as I want to be. I am so grateful to be manifesting at some subconscious level. And so grateful for this work and this group to share it with. Do remember that I have spent the last six years living in the desert of limiting belief and being pretty miserable. Dreams visualized coming true is amazing.
Day 17 Evidence, Evidence, Evidence: I currently only have two seats left for my Master Storyteller Academy. Close to being sold out. I got contacted by a past client which resulted in $7,500 of new “future” business. Someone came up to me at church that I didn’t know was following me on social media and asked me about my storytelling coaching program and she signed up for my Master Storyteller Academy to develop the story for her non-profit. I had a few clients who were on payment plans that paid early. I had a follow up call with someone who was sitting in the audience at an event I recently spoke at and it resulted in $5,000 paid in full for one of my coaching packages. Grateful to God for all that He continues to do in my life
Evidence: This past month has been a whirlwind. From a new business landing in my lap at the right time, with great leadership, to having my schedule open up to spend a weekend with new friends on that team and all the leadership from the top down all making 8,7 and 6 figures. To be surrounded and in that vibration for me was such a Blessing and I’m still pinching myself to have to opportunity to become one of these successful powerful women I know I am.
Beginning of week 2- Lawyer called and was sending check for $5900 in mail that day – she had found money that the insurance company had kept. I have received over 110% of my value and life experiences and changes from this program. Although my ego, etc. at times wants to pull me back into my old way of thinking and ho-hum daily crap, I have stepped up and out, committing never to return. I am WOMAN hear me ROAR!!!! LOL BUT REALLY Thank you Diane and Tasha for all of your unselfish love and commitment you have for yourselves and us. I am truly grateful for you both in my life You both are such rich and wealthy blessings to us. Sending you both abundant love and butterfly kisses.
Nadines exact message at 7:48 am this morning… Elites. I must tell you that living the certain way has been such an amazing journey. Last year I sent Tasha an email because I was putting a proposal together and so wanted OUT of my JOB ( and for those who went to Decide to Rise, you heard Diane say it… Just Over Broke)… Wellllll. Tasha kept saying it will come at the right time and you will get a lump sum. Wellll I am here to tell you that I was liberated from my JOB… my JOB ends officially March 31st and I just looked in my bank account and I have been paid a lump sum….. Easy and Relaxed 😎. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you Tasha and Diane you are amazing.
DAY 15 I am in awe that 14 days ago I sat with Tasha and talked about being ready for a SOUL MATE (after a year and a half dating hiatus), and within this short time I have met someone in the most unexpected way and it feels like a “soul friendship” is developing. And he’s flying me to dinner on Friday just like I imagined when I wrote my ideal life intentions”
Tasha and Diane, I am sooo grateful for both of you. Your encouragement and unwavering support has gotten me to a place I never imagined! I am so excited for each day and for all the abundance coming into my life! I began my new career, started creating income for my previously FREE workshop, and now experience gratitude daily even for the simplest things!
joined Tasha’s program when she needed to create $30,000 in a month (while on a 2 week vacation). She shared “the program helped me realign with my Prosperity belief, it was truly a magical experience for me and by the end I had generated $29, 892.00″
Day 25 My initial intention was $12K of work for the 30 days, I currently have completed and booked in excess of this as of today.. I am resetting for 15K for next month. Yes, this works !
The Course is over but the fun continues! Still actively reading the book, setting daily intentions, and writing in my journal. I am not only seeing “Evidence” …. I am witnessing results! I recognized the balance in my checking account was larger than usual at the end of a pay period. Paid bills joyfully this morning and recognized prosperity when all was said and done!. I figured out where the extra money came from: it was from increased work opportunity (which was actually “play” for me,) as well as from unexpected sources! This, in addition to the Evidence manifested last Friday regarding the goal to finish writing my book, has prompted me to gift a copy of SOGR for each of my nieces and nephews along with the story of how I came to know of the book, the Course and the benefits it has provided in less than two months (Doing Things In A Certain Way!) I am deeply grateful for Tasha and Diane Thank you so very much
Carol Ann

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