What do you want to attract into your financial life in 2021?

Knowing what you want to create, how you will attract it, and what having it will feel like is the most potent form of clarity you will ever have.

Join Tasha in Creating a Money Manifested Board based on the Tasha Method for powerful Manifestation.

Whether you aspire to become a millionaire or just the freedom with your finances, the best way to attract your desires is to keep them top of mind so you’re always looking giving energy to receiving them. A Manifested Board is the perfect tool to help you with just that.

What is a Money Manifested Board?

It is the MOST POWERFUL form of a Vision(Dream) Board. Manifesting a desired outcome requires being specific and focused. It has to be real to you, and more than just a wish or a dream. When you create a Money Manifested Board you are literally saying “here is what I have RECEIVED into my life.” It takes your energy from Wishing to IT IS SO! Here is what I have received! That is powerful space to create from.

What happens at a Manifesting Party?

We have fun! We create from a high energetic Vibration, We Share and give life to our desires NOW!

Tasha will walk everyone through the steps to make a powerful “Manifested Board” and share techniques for applying the Law of Attraction and visualization to have their desires manifest with SPEED.

Join Me In Creating Your 2021 Money Desires


Time : 2 hours (max 2.5 hours)

– 30 Minutes: Teaching and Prepping including Mapping Out What Will Go in Each Section

– 1 hour: Creating the Board

–  30 minutes: “The Bringing it to LIFE Process”

February 13, 2021 at 12:00pm EST