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Discover how to create a Manifested Board to unlock new levels of wealth – with ease and fun!


Join Tasha Chen, the #1 Manifestation & Wealth
Mentor for Women Entrepreneurs & Executives


for a high vibe manifesting party to kick-off an incredible year
of abundance and wealth in every area of your life

In this FREE virtual party, you will:

  • Find out why “traditional” vision boards don’t work
  • Discover the 4 key components of the Manifested Board
  • Create your own Manifested board for 2023
  • Participate in the “Bringing it to LIFE Process” to manifest your desires with SPEED


Become more conscious of your habits on a daily basis and begin to live in alignment with what you’re trying to attract


The board will become your
ultimate portable tool to help
map out and manifest your dreams


Have FUN as we raise our
energy vibrations TOGETHER!

Yes! I want to create my own powerful Manifested Board

Meet your wealth manifesting mentor,

Tasha Chen

Tasha Chen is a wealth and success coach for high-achieving women executives and entrepreneurs who want to elevate wealth and abundance in every area of life.

Her proven Vision Alignment Method ™ has helped 17,000+ people find ease and joy, enjoy quality time with their families, manifest tremendous levels of wealth, and have the freedom to do what they love.

With Tasha’s coaching and proprietary methods, her community has manifested $47.5 Million and counting.

She is a highly sought-after author, international speaker, and mindset mastery expert who works with go-getters, impact-makers, and action takers

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Whether you aspire to be a millionaire, or enjoy more wealth and
freedom in your day-to-day, a Manifested Board is a potent tool to
help you manifest and receive with speed

Discover how to create a Manifested Board so you can unlock new
levels of wealth and abundance in 2023

The Live Manifesting Party is on



Shirley Jolly ~

“I have manifested almost everything on this board Tasha and I still have almost 45 days before this year is over.

I feel so grateful, I am blessed, you and the community continue to awaken and enlighten me, this give me joy, freedom and it all happen in a relaxed and easy way. I was able to get a Lexus that’s a hybrid.

Diana ~ 

Wealth, First class travel and speaking engagements with ease!


Barbara Magro ~

My investments increased much more than 10% and I continue to make massive passive income while I sleep.

So many miracles this year – a new car, our kitchen renovations, new countries visited, and I’m jumping on a call with Monte my financial advisor to look ahead and see if I can retire soon!



Tasha Chen is a wealth and success coach for high-achieving women executives and entrepreneurs who want to elevate wealth and abundance in every area of life.

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