For high income earning women who crave more freedom, time, wealth & impact…

February 27 – March 3

Discover the powerful process I used to effortlessly build a multi-7 figure business and luxury lifestyle

(this same process helped my clients create $55Million and counting!)

Discover the powerful process I used to effortlessly build a multi-7 figure business and luxury lifestyle

 For high income earning women who crave more freedom, time, wealth & impact…

February 27 – March 3

(this same process helped my clients create $55Million and counting!)

I manifested $5k in 5 days!

“Before the event I was frustrated and overwhelmed from grinding and working so hard. I knew there had to be an easier way to grow my business. I joined the 5-day challenge, played full out the whole week, and had so much fun! As soon as I said YES to the challenge, money started flowing to me in surprising ways. By the end of the 5 days, I had manifested $5,000! Mind. Blown.”

Lisa Lias, Coach

Remove the invisible blocks to your wealth & abundance

Find clarity on your deepest desires & soul's purpose

Activate your millionaire lifestyle with ease

A 5-day masterclass series proven to help you attract more ease and wealth into your life and business


Feb 27th-March 3rd!

High-achieving professionals and entrepreneurs often feel like they have to hustle to be successful and wealthy. Especially if you’re a woman.

To the rest of the world, you appear successful. 

You’ve created a great career or business for yourself. 

You look like you have it all.

But it’s come at a cost.

And now you’re ready for a new way.

A new way, where you:

✓ prioritize rest and relaxation (no more sleepless nights and working long hours)

✓ enjoy time with your loved ones (no more sacrificing your time with them to be “successful”)

✓ embrace your feminine energy and wisdom to guide you (because the masculine hustle isn’t fun anymore). 

You’re ready to tap into the next level of success and wealth. 

Because, sister, you know you’re meant for more. 

Your soul is calling you forward, but you don’t quite know how to unleash your true potential. 

And here's the thing.

You've watched the Secret (a few dozen times).
You've read all the Law of Attraction books.
You've watched all the gurus on YouTube.

You follow all the steps to manifest your dream life.

But it. just. doesn’t. work.

You may be feeling a little lost and stuck – even though you’re ready to shift to your next level.

My sweet friend, you’ve found the right place.

During the Wealth with Ease 5 Day Activation, you’ll discover a new way – a Certain Way – to live and work and play.

Where you generate epic levels of wealth and success, without hustle and overwhelm.

Where creating wealth is actually easy… and (dare I say?) fun!

This is your invitation to join


This advanced-level (and super fun!) 5 day series will help you smash through any blocks or limiting beliefs so you can finally unlock the success and wealth you know is possible

With Renowned Business Coach & Manifesting Expert, Tasha Chen

February 27 – March 3rd daily

Total value of material, training, worksheets & coaching: $10,000

Exclusive opportunity for you to participate for FREE

past Participants
Dollars Manifested
Dreams Manifested


next success story!

I can’t believe how much success I had doing Tasha’s 5 day  (and I’ve taken many courses and challenges to solve my money blocks). I finally found something that works!

Before this I felt lost.   I struggled with depression and low self-esteem. Thanks to the 5 Days  I discovered a different way of thinking and being. My confidence went through the roof and my relationships improved.   My whole life changed!

My life completely changed
when I manifested 5k in 5 days!

I uncovered my limiting beliefs with money and manifested 100k a month!

I have been given tools beyond measure!

I manifested 10K!

In this transformative wealth activation, you will skyrocket your goals and create epic levels of wealth, freedom and abundance.

These 5 days are expertly curated to bring you the most effective and transformative teaching, coaching and activation. You’ll receive advanced training on Money Traumas and Deservingness that aren’t available in other programs.

And most importantly, no other programs infuse the fun, play and high energy you’ll find inside the Wealth with Ease Activation. The community and the high vibe are essential to manifesting what you want!

Here’s your 5 Day Wealth Activation Plan

Day 1

Realign - The scientific way to quantum leap Your Wealth with ease

  • You’ll discover how to expand your capacity for wealth to create your highest level of abundance!

Day 2

Revise & Release - Break through the invisible ceilings limiting your abundance and success

  • You’ll expand and activate your wealth consciousness beyond all limitations by identifying your Money Traumas and HEALING them!

Day 3

Reveal - Discover your soul’s deepest purpose & desires

  • This is the juiciest bit – DESIRE!!!! Discover a process to find clarity on your deepest desires and grant yourself permission to manifest them!
  • As women we have quieted our desires on so many levels. It is time to reclaim the longings of our hearts and call in our fullest expressions. Let’s play in our Divine Feminine power to amplify our success and abundance.

Day 4

Relive - Unlock the power of visualization to manifest in the present

  • Activate your manifestation by “seeing” it as done through powerful visualization techniques.
  • Discover the sweet spot where visualizing and quantum leaping create the results you want with ease and speed. This is the secret to creating epic levels of wealth and freedom.

Day 5

Receive - The Law of The Wealth Assumption

  • The art of Feminine action: Find out how to achieve and maintain ongoing manifestations through ease and flow 
  • Discover the right way to take inspired action to continually receive at every level of success and activate your next level multi-millionaire lifestyle

Total value of material, training, worksheets & coaching: $10000.00

Exclusive opportunity for you to participate for FREE

Join us February 27 – March 3 daily



The #1 Manifestation & Wealth Mentor for Women Entrepreneurs & Executives

Co-founder, Science of Getting Rich Academy

Tasha Chen is a wealth and success coach for high-achieving women executives and entrepreneurs who want to elevate wealth and abundance in every area of life.
Her proven Vision Alignment Method ™ has helped 17,000+ people find ease and joy, enjoy quality time with their families, manifest tremendous levels of wealth, and have the freedom to do what they love.

With Tasha’s coaching and proprietary methods, her community has manifested $55 Million.

She is a highly sought-after author, international speaker, and mindset mastery expert who works with go-getters, impact-makers, and action takers.


When you join this exclusive event, you'll experience powerful manifestations, like these...

(and P.S. results ARE typical!!)

It's time to unlock your soul's purpose and reach new levels of Wealth With Ease.

In the Wealth with Ease Activation you'll discover how to receive exactly what you want:

⟡ 6 figure leaps (with ease!)

⟡ A luxury trip (to Bora Bora!)

⟡ Beautiful friendships

⟡ A new love

⟡ More FUN!

Join the FREE Wealth with Ease 5 Day Activation February 27 - March 3

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Tasha Chen is a wealth and success coach for high-achieving women executives and entrepreneurs who want to elevate wealth and abundance in every area of life.

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