Money Attraction Challenge

How women entrepreneurs can go from feeling overwhelmed about money

to manifesting the wealth you desire without hustling harder

with Tasha Chen

A 5-day masterclass series proven to help you attract more ease and wealth into your life and business


August 29 - September 2

I went from feeling hopeless and frustrated to playing and having fun - and manifested $5k!

“Before the Money Attraction Challenge I was frustrated, overwhelmed, tired and hopeless from grinding and working so hard. I knew there had to be an easier way to grow my business. I joined the 5-day challenge, played full out the whole week, and had so much fun! As soon as I said YES to the challenge, money started flowing to me in surprising ways. By the end of the 5 days, I had manifested $5,000! Mind. Blown.”
Lisa Lias







Entrepreneurs, community leaders and high-achievers often have to hustle and grind to be successful. Especially if you’re a woman.

To the rest of the world you may look like a successful business owner.

You’re soooo close to hitting that 6 figure mark. Or maybe you’ve even hit it. A couple times.

But it’s come at a cost.

You work long hours.

Have sleepless nights.

Sacrifice precious time with loved ones.

Life and business aren’t fun anymore.

(And isn’t that why you started your own business? To enjoy your life and have more fun?)

Besides, you haven’t tapped into the next level of success and wealth you know is possible.

And not only that…

You’ve watched the Secret (a few dozen times). You’ve read all the basic Law of Attraction books and watched all the gurus on YouTube.

You follow the steps to manifest your dream life.

But it still isn’t working.

Well, my sweet friend, that’s all about to change.

During the 5 day Money Attraction Challenge you’ll see there is a better way.

Where you can make money without being exhausted and overwhelmed all day, every day.

Where making money can actually be easy… and (dare I say?) fun!

This is your invitation to join the...


5 Day Money Attraction Challenge

for High-Achieving Women Entrepreneurs

This advanced-level (and super fun!) 5 day Masterclass Series will help you smash through any blocks or limiting beliefs so you can finally unlock the success and wealth you know is possible

Join Renowned Business Coach & Money Manifesting Expert  Tasha Chen

Monday August 29 – Friday September 2 daily

Past Participants
dollar Manifested
Dreams Manifested

I can’t believe how much success I had doing Tasha’s 5 day challenge (and I’ve taken many courses and challenges to solve my money blocks). I finally found something that works!

Before the Challenge I felt lost. I struggled with depression and low self-esteem. Thanks to the Challenge I discovered a different way of thinking and being. My confidence went through the roof and my relationships improved. My whole life changed!

Unlike other beginner challenges and courses you’ve taken, the Money Attraction Challenge leverages advanced techniques. It’s  proven to create results.

It’s because we curate the 5 days with the most effective and transformative teaching, coaching and activities. You’ll receive advanced training on Money Traumas and Deservingness that aren’t available in other programs.

Each day, you’ll be challenged to make one (fun) “money move” to help you take inspired action toward your goal.

And most importantly: no other programs infuse the fun, play and high energy you’ll find inside the Money Attraction Challenge. The community and the fun are essential to manifesting what you want!

In this game-changing live series you will discover how to attract more money, success, and ease into your life....

The Science of Manifesting Money

Discover how to program your brain to see abundance in your life.

Discover the 13 Money Traumas

This teaching alone is going to transform your ability to receive more.

Embrace your Financial Deservingness

Deservingness is a key belief to help you unlock the wealth you desire.

Remove Your Biggest Money Block

Use a simple strategy to find and remove one of your biggest money blocks

Become a Money Multiplier

This is the real trick to manifesting what you want - fast.

Bonus tools:

Workbooks & Success Trackers
Daily Challenges
Live Coaching
Fun Surprises!!!

See what’s possible for you during the
5 Day Money Attraction Challenge

Evidence! When I joined the money attraction challenge I had had a few very challenging years in business that led me to feeling sad and defeated about money. The 5day Challenge completely shifted my whole perspective on everything. Not just money and abundance. My entire energy and how I feel in this world and how I integrate with all life around me is a complete 180. I really needed it. I no longer feel heavy and sad and burdened when I think about my debt. I am happy and excited to meet people. I am starting to reconnect with dear friends whom I’ve known and loved for so long (20+ years) and share really wonderful space and time with them.

Shola Erica Phoenix

I need to share this-Evidence As soon as I said yes to the 5 day challenge money started showing up from different places(a few hundred dollars). During the challenge people started purchasing a book I released last year without me even asking or promoting. I also had opportunities to make extra cash.

Lisa Lias

Since starting the Challenge on Monday, evidence so far: Winning £10 on the Postcode Lottery Managed to secure all of the products in our new launches, and customers are over the moon! 😂 Customers have been messaging me to say they have paid into my account – some up to 3 weeks before expected, and without any prompts! House has gone back on the market on Tuesday and we’ve had an offer already, with 5 more viewings booked in 🤪 Thank you so much for all this positivity. The Universe is certainly on our side this week!! ❤️️

Jo Squires

Join the challenge

and become our

Next Success Story!

My life completely changed when I manifested 5k in 5 days!

I uncovered my limiting beliefs with money and manifested 100k a month!

I have been given tools beyond measure!

I manifested 10K!

Meet Your Money Manifesting Mentor

Tasha Chen  

The #1 Manifestation & Business Mentor for Women Entrepreneurs  Co-founder, Science of Getting Rich Academy

Tasha Chen is a business coach who works with high-achieving entrepreneurs to raise their profits.  

Her proven Vision Alignment Method has helped 17,000+ people find ease and joy, enjoy quality time with their families, and do what they love with no fear or uncertainty about success. 

With Tasha’s coaching and proprietary methods, her community has manifested well over $47.5 Million.

She is a highly sought-after author, international speaker, and mindset mastery expert who works with go-getters, seekers, and action takers.

My sweet friend…

It’s time to stop struggling and start attracting (and receiving) exactly what you want

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August 29 - September 2 daily

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