August 30th – Sept 3  2021







Do you want to take the overwhelm out of making money?

What if making money could be easy…or (dare I say it) fun.

By trusting not just the universe but yourself, you will be able to let go of your limiting beliefs surrounding money.

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My life is so much easier now!

I uncovered my limiting beliefs with money!

My life completely changed!

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I learned to tap into my power!

Meet Your Money Manifesting Mentor

Tasha Chen is a business coach who assists high-achieving entrepreneurs and their teams to raise their profits by guiding them to monetize their dream and get them running a profitable business.

Her proven Aligned to Success Method results in them working from a place of ease and joy, with quality time to enjoy life and their families as they do what they love with no fear or uncertainty about success.

She is an author, international speaker, mindset mastery expert who works with people committed to having results NOW!

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