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Tasha Chen


Tasha Chen is a wealth and success coach for high-achieving women executives and entrepreneurs who want to elevate wealth and abundance in every area of life.

Her proven Vision Alignment Method ™️ has helped 20,000+ people find ease and joy, enjoy quality time with their families, manifest tremendous levels of wealth, and have the freedom to do what they love.

With Tasha’s coaching and proprietary methods, her community has manifested $160 Million.
She is a highly sought-after author, international speaker, and mindset mastery expert who works with go-getters, impact-makers, and action takers.

I feel so excited for the women who get to have this experience because I know how good life can get in such a short period of time. I know the lifelong friendships that women will make and cherish forever. There are energies, practical methods, guidance, and a sacredness found in this container that isn’t found anywhere else. What people gain here permeates into every area of their life and it gets easier. The gifts and tools that are shared in this space make it memorable but it’s the vested interest in the success of others, love, and inspired action that truly aids in its transformative power. I am so excited to be a part of women living fuller, richer, happier Goddess lives!

Nadine Sinclair

 During Tasha’s Program  my greatest manifestation was manifesting the summer off to travel.  The year prior, I wrote in my journal that I wanted the summer off, well the following April my position where I was working was made redundant.  I was so excited that I had manifested what was written in my journal and I knew  that GOD had  something even greater in store for me so I felt excited to “lose” my job.  My husband was very stressed out because he was concerned about the loss of income, At the start of the summer I was immediately offered 2 very lucrative job offers but I was like oh no, I am off for the summer.  When the summer was complete, I got an offer which wasn’t a job, it was a coaching assignment making double the income I had journaled about and was exactly what I was looking for.  It would also lead to the launch of my coaching business which was a long held dream of mine . I am now living my best life and I am so grateful to Tasha for her program and how she shows up for each person. She is truly committed to each person and seeing us succeed.
 I am excited for the women who get the opportunity to work with Tasha  and her mentors because they  truly care about each person and they put their heart and soul into everyone. You will feel  heard and valued. 

Tammy Turner

During Tashas program I’ve experienced a transformation of knowingness. This knowingness is pure truth. Pure truth is unquestionable. Pure truth results in an instant manifestation. The path is so clear that all the things that before got in the way have vanished. It is an out of the head and through the heart sense of well being. I now know from this place that what I share is valuable and purposeful and truth. I was able to walk away from my career as a doctor and my 9 to 6 daily job without a second thought. 

The beginning of this month I declared I would manifest 10,000 from unexpected sources.  By the third day it was done.

I can say from this space of knowingness that this is and will continue to be my greatest year yet.

I feel so excited for the women who get to experience this because it is inside of all of us. When you uncover your unique knowing you raise the vibration of the whole world. You have a unique joy and love and connection that needs to be birth and shared and valued.  It is a sisterhood unlike any other. I can’t wait for you to join us.

Totlyn Oliver

During Tasha’s programs I have become a new woman. A Real, New Thinking Woman.

“Peace about my money” lifestyle has become my home. My worry about money for fun, life, retirement, investments, no longer exists. Instead I have developed a proven, enjoyable method for crafting my life in the many ways I perfectly desire, each and everyday. I was always a positive, ambitious, achieving woman but my way was missing the mark.

I have developed an awareness of my current, past and future abundance in a way I have never thought before. I now experience living an abundant lifestyle, with monthly travel, while manifesting a lucrative remote opportunity. As life situations change, my faith in my financial growth and future heightens and sharpens with an expectation that is more than hope – instead, it is with full confidence.

This new attitude to life has allowed me to remain open to many enriching opportunities to expand spiritually, emotionally, financially physically. I say more “yeses” to everything in alignment with my life & purpose so that I live more purposely and intentionally. My people circle is expanding in very rewarding ways; I have the joy of adding to their lives in many unbounded ways – with more kindness, grace & fulfillment enveloping me and my life.

I am so grateful for Tasha, her teachings, guidance and dedication to enrich not only our beautiful purses but also our feminine souls. I am truly excited for the women who engage with Tasha’s program – it’s the best gift you can give yourself!

Beth Roots

Before finding Tasha, I felt stuck and unfulfilled. I felt like something was missing in my life and like I wasn’t living up to my potential. There were so many things about my life that I didn’t like. I had been on a spiritual journey for a long time. I’ve read many books and tried a program or two, and I knew a little bit about a lot of things. The time came when I realized that I wasn’t going to manifest my desires on my own. I needed help. That desire led me to Tasha, and when I found her, I was hooked. It turns out what I was seeking was also seeking me, and I knew that, in Tasha, I had found the person who would help me manifest the life of my dreams. When Tasha opened her program to new members, my intuition screamed, “Say yes,” and so I joined. Since being in Tasha’s programs, I learned how to heal my traumas and love myself more. I have deeper faith in God and myself, and i’ve manifested money, travel, and fulfilling relationships. And I’m part of a circle of like-minded women who support and uplift each other. I am so grateful for Tasha and her teachings and for the opportunity to share this experience with other women who want to experience the joy of living in their personal power as their authentic selves. I can’t wait for you to join us.

Results From People That Completed Their application...

I can’t believe how much success I had doing Tasha’s program (and I’ve taken many courses and challenges to solve my money blocks). I finally found something that works!

I manifested $100k a month!

My business is skyrocked!

I changed my relationship with money!

My life has been transformed forever!

I manifested $30K!

I went from feeling hopeless and frustrated to playing and having fun - and manifested $5k!

Before the program I felt lost. I struggled with depression and low self-esteem. Thanks to the coaching I discovered a different way of thinking and being. My confidence went through the roof and my relationships improved. My whole life changed!

I have been given tools beyond measure!

I increased my PROFITS!

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Tasha Chen is a wealth and success coach for high-achieving women executives and entrepreneurs who want to elevate wealth and abundance in every area of life.

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