Your path to manifesting millions and a soul-aligned lifestyle.


Your path to manifesting millions and a soul-aligned lifestyle.

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Sister, the world may witness your sparkling success but… I know your secret.

You’ve overcome incredible odds to become the high achieving woman you are today. Through sheer strength, you’ve WILLED success in your favor.

And… You’re a fiercely determined spirit destined for wealth and abundant success.

But you’re stuck in quicksand… The harder you work, the deeper you sink. There’s this constant battle with self-doubt and the fear of not being good enough.

Your usual “hacks” for manifesting quick wins seem like they’re attracting losses. Tasks that once flowed effortlessly keep you up at night. And… as you scroll social media and witness the highlight reels of your peers you can’t help but think…

“Why can’t I move forward? What am I doing wrong?”

Well, it’s what I like to call the ‘Glass Ceiling Mirage.’

You see, society has fed us narratives about what it means to be a successful woman…They told you to rely on men for your finances…that having wealth makes you unattractive…that women who work aren’t good mothers. And without even knowing, you’ve been living out THESE narratives.

Maybe you limit your ambitions to fit into this narrative…you feel guilty for wanting more…subconsciously you think certain levels of success are beyond your reach.

Listen, these beliefs are all lies and illusions…the very mirage keeping you stuck wandering in the desert of poverty while believing the oasis is just beyond reach.

It’s like you’re wearing blinders in a gallery…surrounded by beauty but your limited wealth consciousness has narrowed your field of vision.

For the true abundance you desire, you must break through these illusions and elevate into a mindset that aligns your consciousness to receive wealth.

The good news is, there’s finally a way to dismantle limiting beliefs, rewrite disempowering money stories, and manifest the success you deserve.

I’m talking about the Wealth Ascension Collective and the revolutionary Wealth Alignment Method it’s based on. In just a minute, I’ll reveal exactly how this experience can elevate your wealth consciousness to new heights.

But first, allow me to introduce myself...

Hi, I’m Tasha, the co-founder of the Science of Getting Rich Academy and the proprietary Wealth Alignment Method. I’ve risen from the ashes of bankruptcy and divorce to build a 7 figure business that I absolutely LOVE. But beyond the numbers, my real magic is my ability to help high achieving women and entrepreneurs radically transform their relationship with money!

My programs have empowered over 30,000 women to BREAK THROUGH limiting beliefs, align with their soul’s purpose, and open the floodgates of prosperity. That’s because my proprietary methods combine the most POTENT principles of abundance and success into a step-by-step blueprint.

This goes far beyond the law of attraction. I have mastered the art and science of prosperity and I understand both the energetic and practical tools needed to create lasting wealth. Now I want to guide you on your journey to wealth ascension. If you’re ready to end the struggle and start living your most fulfilled, prosperous life, I’m committed to helping you get there. I’ll show you how to rise above any circumstance and tap into your unlimited potential.

The time for more ease and less hustle is NOW.

I just wanted to send you a message…our home is officially listed 🙂 We are off to Texas when the universe deems it right. All is really well. Business consistently generating 50-60K/ month and growing 🙂 and I am finally paying myself… This is a tribute to you ladies!! thank you for the empowerment and the gifts that you have provided!!!

Danielle Rodriguez

I have had so many breakthroughs this weekend.
When we first started this level 3 I had decided to sell my brick and mortar after 33 years. I felt lost. I felt lost because I let what I DID define WHO I was! My video intro is I’m Dr Jackie, your brain, body balance expert..

Now I understand I am so much more. That led me to decide I can create multiple streams of income, different programs that help people, Income opportunities that don’t involve my heart and soul because I am separate from HOW I make money.

I will always create the best quality with my clients best interest in mind but I won’t be so hesitant because I AM NOT my business. I am Jackie who is living HER very best life!

I hope that makes sense. Thank you Tasha and Diane and everyone here.
Sometimes clarity just comes. Keep seeking. Love you all!

Jackie Kilraine

“With only my Intention for $30k I received unexpectedly the full amount within the first 30 Days and the miracles just continued from there. Within the next year I grew my business and received over $100k. Each day I was given the tools and support from Tasha to keep me aligned. I have been tracking my abundance(and have never been happier with it) and especially love knowing to be grateful for what I spend as it too is a SIGN of my current wealth.”

Vicky Ibaugh

Can you hear the "cha-ching" sound already?

It's going to happen once you finally:

Open your bank account to find more than just dust bunnies
Craft affirmations that manifest money, not just overdue notices
Attract high-paying clients, not endless tire kickers
Get to invest your profits instead of stress over making payroll
Take a real vacation, not just a guilt-ridden "staycation"
Buy your dream house that's more than a vision board clipping
Create your dream business that feels possible, not just a fantasy

And that’s all possible here!

Introducing the...

That Unlocks Your Financial Potential, Accelerates Your Wealth Creation, and Manifests Your 7-figure Dream Lifestyle!

A 3-month intimate experience that gives ambitious women the spiritual, mental, and energetic alignment to attract wealth faster.

Break through inner barriers limiting your wealth potential
Rewrite subconscious money stories blocking your abundance
Receive daily implementation support and accountability
Master manifesting rituals proven to attract prosperity
Join a community of like-minded, high-achieving women

The Wealth Alignment Method Has Women Manifesting Millions🔥


“$100,000 EVERY month!!”

“Reached my financial goals that I had been trying to do for the last 5 years.”

“My business grew 10x” while working with Tasha and continues!


Manifest Wealth Miracles in the Wealth Ascension Collective

The Wealth Ascension Collective gives you intimate access to the exact scripts, prayers and mantras I use to continually expand my multi-7 figure business.

You’ll discover how I apply these wealth consciousness techniques to manifest not only financial abundance, but also the deepest richest love in my relationships and a life I truly adore.

This experience is designed to help you achieve the spiritual, mental and energetic alignment needed to attract wealth into your life and business with ease.

Through the proprietary Wealth Alignment Method, you’ll learn to dissolve inner blocks, rewrite limiting stories, and elevate into a whole new prosperity mindset. The rituals, tools and community support will empower you to manifest wealth from the inside out. Not just bigger bank accounts, but true alignment between your inspired vision and tangible reality.

Come unlock your spiritual gifts, embrace your worthiness, and elevate your consciousness to receive the financial freedom you deserve!

Here's everything you get in this life-changing 3-month experience for elevating your wealth consciousness:

30 Day Wealth Ascension Intensive Program (Value: $4500)

This intensive program includes daily exercises, journal prompts, and training from my modernized version of the 1910 classic The Science of Getting Rich to start breaking through inner barriers and aligning with abundance.

60 Day Wealth Alignment + Financial Prosperity Curriculum (Value: $4997)

Over 60 days, you'll work through modules focused on rewriting limiting money stories, cultivating wealth consciousness, and manifesting financial freedom in your life and business.

12 Live Group Coaching Calls (Value $8997)

Get direct guidance and support in 90-minute weekly coaching calls with me as we dive deep into core wealth principles together.

Daily Implementation Support & Accountability with Mentors ($5000)

Stay on track with daily check-ins, prompts and guidance from my team of wealth alignment guides.

Pre-program Success Set-up & Release Ceremony (Value $597)

Clear energy blocks and set powerful intentions before the program even starts to amplify your transformation.

VIP Facebook Support Group (Priceless)

Connect with like-minded, high-achieving women in a sacred space for community support, inspiration and masterminding.

Fast Track Your Wealth With These Bonuses

Funding Access for Leverage Masterclass ($1500)

I'll reveal my top-secret system for accessing millions in capital with barely any collateral.

Asset Creation and Protection Masterclass ($1500)

Find out how the wealthy keep and grow their assets while staying off the taxman's radar. Shh...

The Wealthget Plan (not budget) ($297)

Tired of budgets? I'll teach you how to think like the rich and multiply your money on autopilot.

The Success Multiplier System ($1500)

Discover the subtle mind trick that helped me 10x my income. But don't tell anyone...

Deservingness Masterclass ($997)

Do you secretly feel unworthy of wealth? We'll exorcize those demons for good in this raw, cathartic ritual.

Live Heal Your Money Trauma Masterclass ($997)

Still haunted by past money mistakes? We'll hunt down those ghosts and ban them from sabotaging your finances ever again.

Manifest 100k FAST ($4997)

What if you could manifest a $100k windfall using this quick 5-minute daily practice? Well, you can.

Guided Money Meditation ($297)

Experience a deep energetic clearing on the vortex points that govern wealth...but warning, it's extremely powerful.

7-Figure business suite ($10,000)

Gain access to my rolodex of untouchable experts across social media ads and content, copy, funnels & more. Just don't steal them 😉

New Friendships made for life (Priceless)

Imagine having a council of motivating, inspiring sisters who always have your back. That's what you'll get here.

Here's your chance to get the entire Wealth Alignment Method and join the Wealth Ascension Collective at a massive discount.

This is your first lesson in aligned abundance…

You’re getting over $64,000 in total value for over 80% off!

The universe has aligned to deliver you full price value at a tiny fraction of the cost. Why?

Because your wealth journey begins NOW.

We are strictly limiting enrollment in the Wealth Ascension Collective at this massive discount.

So schedule your complimentary Wealth Activation call today!

The program begins in March and spots are filling fast.

This is your divine invitation from the universe to finally elevate into the wealthy, abundant life you deserve.

Accept it with joy and gratitude now before it expires!

The doors close soon – take the leap and schedule your Activation call while discounted seats remain!

Your first lesson in wealth consciousness is understanding value over cost.

Embrace your worthiness to receive an extraordinary offer from the universe today.

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