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For those who want to master their relationship with money with the guidance to manifest the easy and relaxed lifestyle of their financial dreams.

It’s time to transform into a powerful money attractor without taking on any more hours or stress in your life.

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You know it’s possible to get the easy, flow-based lifestyle where your money magnetism is consistent. You see it on social media. Hear it on podcasts. And read it in books.

The destination is clear, but you’re not sure how to get there in a fun and relaxed way.


How would your personal and professional life be different if you could:

You can unlock consistent cash flow and abundance with a proven process

You can learn the skills, strategies & tools you need to tap into your thriving life and career, travel the world, and enjoy luxury.

And you can have the actual money in your bank account that matches your financial vision.

If you’re ready to turn ON the Cash Machine this year…. Join Tasha & Diane plus highly sought-after Master-Class teachers as they assist you in achieving the spiritual, mental, and energetic alignment needed to attract money into your life and business.

The Money & Profit Mastery Program, part of the Science of Getting Rich Academy, is a 16-week high-touch coaching program where I teach you the basics of personal finance and money management.

You can think of it as the personal finance education you never received growing up.

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Meet your million dollar mentors

If you’re craving more ease and less hustle as you grow your business, you’re in the right place.

Hi! We’re Tasha and Diane, co-founders of the Science of Getting Rich Academy.

We’ve helped thousands of entrepreneurs and professional women make huge leaps in their businesses, using the Vision Alignment Method. It’s a combo of the principles of the Law of Attraction plus good ol’ financial know-how and decision-making.

We’ve practiced these principles ourselves for the past 15 years and mentored over 20,000 entrepreneurs through our programs.

And we’ve been where you are…

We know how hard it is to execute and stay consistent with the mindset and limiting belief work. It’s why it’s our passion and commitment to work with you every single day to help you get the results you need and deserve.



As a Money And Profit Mastery Class student, you’ll have access to the members-only website, where you can access the entire course curriculum–for the sixteen weeks, worksheets, audio recordings,live calls and more. You’ll learn things like:

And the best part is I teach it all in a fun and easy way that actually makes sense! Thank goodness!
As a bonus, you’ll have access to  masterclasses with other thought leaders and game changers to help you in areas beyond your finances.

And, as a bonus, you will have access to the private Money and Profit Mastery Facebook group to help you connect to other like-minded individuals who are also committed to improving their financial lives and living a dream life using their money.

This will be an area where you can support one another and celebrate each other’s successes along your financial journeys.


  • Set Intentions: finances relationships, health, spirituality
  • Daily Lessons and SOGR audios by Tasha
  • Live Calls – group calls in-depth teachings w Tasha recapping and celebrating evidence




“My life has been transformed forever.”

“Wrote myself a check for $100k!”

“I changed my relationship with money.”

“My life is so much easier now.”

“I created 1.1 Million!”

“$100,000 EVERY month!!”

“Manifested 10k a month EASILY”

“All areas of my life are BETTER!”

Ahhh I know it’s so cool Tasha!!! (I am giddy!!) This feeling is what I’ve desired every day of my life since I was a kid and now I have it. This complete full oneness I really love love love living the Certain Way way. ❤️ ❤️❤️

Dalia Ramahi

I just wanted to send you a message…our home is officially listed 🙂 We are off to Texas when the universe deems it right. All is really well. Business consistently generating 50-60K/ month and growing 🙂 and I am finally paying myself… This is a tribute to you ladies!! thank you for the empowerment and the gifts that you have provided!!!

Danielle Rodriguez

I have had so many breakthroughs this weekend. When we first started this level 3 I had decided to sell my brick and mortar after 33 years. I felt lost. I felt lost because I let what I DID define WHO I was! My video intro is I’m Dr Jackie, your brain, body balance expert.. Now I understand I am so much more. That led me to decide I can create multiple streams of income, different programs that help people, Income opportunities that don’t involve my heart and soul because I am separate from HOW I make money. I will always create the best quality with my clients best interest in mind but I won’t be so hesitant because I AM NOT my business. I am Jackie who is living HER very best life! I hope that makes sense. Thank you Tasha and Diane and everyone here. Sometimes clarity just comes. Keep seeking. Love you all!

Jackie Kilraine


How does the 120 Day Money and Profit Mastery Program work?

Once you have enrolled, we will share the program start date. This is a 120-day journey we all take together. 

Before the start of the journey, you will have 1 week to prepare with a Release ceremony which allows you to let go of all which no longer serves you and set Intentions for what you will create and manifest in your finances and your life over the next 4 months. 

Imagine how excited you will be during the Celebration Call at the end when you look at all the things you manifested from this list and the new person you have become

I don’t use Facebook. Is it required to join the 120 Day Money and Profit Mastery Program?

You probably don’t use Facebook for personal reasons— we totally understand! We have found that the Private community we create on Facebook for the 120 day journey allows everyone to play along and learn so much from each other.

It truly becomes a Happy Place everyone looks forward to meeting up, being supported and cheering each other on. The lessons will be delivered to a private Facebook group. Each lesson is delivered as an audio recording from me, so you’ll have me guiding you every step of the way. I also supplement the core lessons with inspirational posts, testimonials, and personal shares many days.

The Fun happens on Facebook —- you’ll love it! And we can show you how to set up an account just for participating so no one will have to know you are on Facebook!

Is the 120 Day Money and Profit Mastery Program right for me if I’m not an Entrepreneur?

Yes! This journey is about transforming your relationship with Money, becoming an even MORE awesome version of you, and dreaming bigger dreams than you ever have before. This is for everyone who wants to remove whatever may be stopping them from true abundance.

I’ve tried other programs like this before and it hasn’t worked for me. What makes this different?

I totally understand your concern here — and this is a good time to share some of our stats with you – in over 8 years of offering this program we have maintained a 90-98 % completion rate. Why? Simple, we make it FUN, and we keep you engaged in the journey.

That’s what makes us different, people LOVE showing up, having fun, literally watching themselves change and experience their desires manifesting (plus it’s so fun and inspiring to watch it happen for others too)! This isn’t a Do-It-Yourself Program – we journey together from day 1 until the end.

You will be supported by us every step of the way, our calls are live, and we interact every day. This level of support creates accountability and builds your own desire to keep manifesting your dreams. The energy of the group and the sacred space we create is magnetic —the rising tide and energy of everyone supports each other’s success and keeps people engaged for the entire process. You can do this!

I already have a Coach/In a coaching Program. Will I get anything out of the 120 Day Money and Profit Mastery Program?

Having a Mentor, a community, and scientific and proven system to follow just for your Money Mindset is the best investment in yourself you will ever make. The kind of focused attention of this program to achieving your financial dreams will bring you returns FAR beyond anything you’ve been a part of.


Are you ready to become a magnetic money attractor?

Don’t let another year go by…the time is now.

Book a Money Breakthrough Session to learn what’s holding you back from crushing that money glass ceiling. In our time together, we’re going to chat about why what you’ve tried so far hasn’t worked and how you get finally get on the path to the financial abundance that you deserve. Yes- you can do this! So many other students have achieved incredible results and it all started with this phone call!

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