Our team has put together the 30-Day Create Your Riches Program that has helped transform the lives of hundreds of men and women. Putting the practices of the Law of Attraction is difficult, but we believe we’ve cracked the code. This 30-day study will give you the directions you need to manifesting all your desires and having a life that is truly RICH in every way!

  • Develop a Mindset for Success in Life and Business
  • Attract Abundance Easily – Health, Relationships and simple joyful living
  • Wealth and Legacy Creation: How to use your thoughts to attract Wealth
  • Achieving Accelerated Results: Practice the “Certain” way to do all things for MAXIMUM results.


Bite-sized lessons delivered to you each day so you never get overwhelmed.


Group mentoring sessions to keep you motivated and engaged.



Share with and learn from other like-minded people in a safe environment.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

The program helped me realign with my Prosperity belief, it was truly a magical experience for me and by the end I had generated $29,892.00

Lisa Montgomery

Evidence is everywhere! Also my Oils class is gaining interest more people rsvp’d! These are the people I want to be in touch with to introduce oils! In the end I am hoping my scholarship 5k will be run by many of them. The picture is so big and beautiful I can hardly stand it!! It’s a big beautiful web that will be a benefit to so many! (Posted on Day 5)

Kirsten Ongel

I am so grateful for the seeds that I have been planting starting to not only bloom but explode! I signed up a new business builder and already they are taking off on their own going full speed! Just what I’ve been asking for!

Jill Lebofsky

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Can I Create in 30 Days?

We help you create intentions in 4 areas of your life and  then simply guide you in living in way each day to and see the results.. Our goal is to create a happy, thriving community.

How much time is required per day?

The program only requires approximately 15 minutes per day.  We will support you daily throughout the program to amp up your manifesting.

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