Meet Tasha Chen

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I am an author, coach, and international speaker inspiring people all over the world to WAKE UP and try some simple tools to help them live the life of their dreams. I am in love with life! I get to spend much of my time loving on my two amazing children while inspiring them to create their lives. I get to work out regularly, eat the best foods, treat myself to massages, and travel often to destinations of my dreams. I spend time everyday talking and laughing with my closest friends and sit around and “dream.” AND I am making more money than I ever imagined.

Tasha Chen’s Biography


How did I get this dream life? It’s simple. I learned how to create it. But I once felt depressed, lost and uncertain…I was tired of searching for ME. My deepest desire was that on any random day, I could say to myself “WOW, Tasha what an amazing, happy, successful, love-filled life you have.” Today my passion is to inspire others to learn to live in this Certain Way and create a life full of wealth, health, loving relationships, and happiness. With a global community of like minded people from around the world, I invite you to invest in yourself and see how living the life of your dreams is right around the corner. Take a look at our success stories to see how others changed their lives financially, in health, relationships, and spiritual connectedness. I promise to show you all I know about creating success so that you can bring to life the business and lifestyle you desire.

Tasha Chen

Founder & Visionary


Decide to Rise is the easiest way to grow your Business and Profits. Get out of your
HEAD when you think of success—tap into the desires of your heart and learn how
to use your natural abilities to create monumental results. LISTEN to what your
Higher Self wants to tell you about your 2017 Journey, including how you will live
your purpose, the opportunities coming your way, and all you are meant to

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