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About Tasha

I am an author,coach, and international speaker inspiring people all over the world to WAKE UP and try some simple tools to help them live the life of their dreams.

I am in love with life! I get to spend much of my time loving on my two amazing children while inspiring them to create their lives. I get to work out regularly, eat the best foods, treat myself to massages, and travel often to destinations of my dreams. I spend time everyday talking and laughing with my closest friends and sit around and “dream.” AND I am making more money than I ever imagined.

How did I get this dream life? It’s simple. I learned how to create it. Feeling depressed, lost and uncertain, I was tired of searching for ME, and the feelings of low self esteem and lack of self worth only further depressed me. Finally, I just decided I wanted to FEEL BETTER. My deepest desire was that on any random day, I could say to myself “WOW, Tasha, what an amazing, happy, successful, love filled life you have.”


I set the Intention to receive $10,000 during the 30 day study, on day 8 I received an UNEXPECTED raise that equaled that exact amount, a few days later my partner who I had been sharing the study with ALSO received an unexpected raise….NEITHER of us had met our Annual Sales Goals. Since then the evidence has continued to mount in ASTONISHING ways…SOGR WORKS!


The evidence was unmistakable…an existing client approached me with an opportunity to earn unlimited commission AND sell a product I had been developing to a group of IDEAL clients i had been intending to attract.Just had a meeting with the President of a non-profit organization that I have chosen to help and may even sit on the board because they need someone from my generation that cares. Didn’t even realize until I gave her my card how many of my exact customers she is in contact with on a daily basis. She plans events so knows all the caterers in the area and told me she is going to send my card out to everyone she knows. Thank you !!


With only my Intention to BEGIN the program, I received unexpectedly the full payment on an invoice I only planned to receive 1/2 of, the miracles just continued from there. Each day I was shown a related passage in the bible to confirm for me the teachings on this program. I have been tracking my abundance and especially love knowing to be grateful for what I spend as it too is a SIGN of my current wealth.




My name is Tasha Chen and I am here to help you manifest your greatest desires using a time-tested program based on the study of the 63 page book THE SCIENCE OF GETTING RICH (written in 1910).

Our team has put together a set of programs and courses that have helped transform the lives of hundreds of wonderful people. Putting the practices in the Law of Attraction is difficult, but we believe we’ve cracked the code and would love to have you join the family and Manifest your way to happiness.

The best place to start is with our 30-Day Create Your Riches Program. This 30-day study will give you the directions you need to manifesting all your desires and having a life that is truly RICH in every way!

Deliberate Results Coaching

Tasha is well known for her success with business entrepreneurs.  Her easy and relaxed approach to getting things done along with her intuitive downloads and energy has produced off the charts results for her clients.  Get to know Tasha and her proven laws of doing business. She is a coach who can keep you aligned and focused on your goals while giving you the attraction principles and leadership strategies to shift your life and business from overwhelm to overjoyed.


Decide To Rise

Decide to Rise is the place to receive support, be inspired while inspiring others, become strong, impactful, and successful!
When everyone from panelists to attendees meet in one place to create, share, motivate, learn, and connect. This is the space for your creative fire to be ignited and move your intentions forward and upward!


Today, my passion is to inspire others to learn to live in this certain way and create a life full of wealth, health, loving relationships, and happiness. By studying together and offering extra tools to speed up your manifestation results everyone joins the ranks of our global community of like minded people from all over the world.

I invite you to invest in yourself and see how living the life of your dreams is right around the corner. The best part is its easier to achieve than you ever believed. Take a look at our success stories to see how others just like you literally changed their lives financially in other important areas such as health, relationships and spiritual connectedness.

I guarantee this program will help you fall in love with you again and find a new passion for living.

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